The fact that many of these apps have access to precise location does not, however, indicate that other users do as well. However, given the broad permissions that current social media apps need, such as access to phonede camera and microphone, they can pose a threat to users’ privacy if not handled properly. For what it’s worth, both Android and iPhone already include a variety of location management tools, such as the ability to give apps access to your location only while they’re being actively used or once. In addition, the “exact location” setting increases user security. Making iPhone Apps: A Guide Always request access to the site. The majority mobile devices and apps use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or all three to determine your position. However, you can decide whether an app has access to accurate location data or just approximate location data using the accurate location function.

Steps to Disable Accurate Location on Instagram

Final Words

We hope you like our article about how to turn off accurate location on Instagram. Instagram is now able to detect your specific position thanks to a new function. Instagram users likely had to consent to the app sharing their location data when they originally joined up for the service. However, Instagram has just released a silent update for this. feature which gives them considerably more accurate location tracking.

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