How to Turn off Shared with You on iPhone and iPad – Guide

Among the many useful news features on iPadOS 15 and iOS 15 is the new Shared with You feature. This one feature syncs items shared with you in iMessage across all your Apple devices and alerts you about them. For example, all sitelinks show up in Safari, the images show up in Photos and even in music programs up in the Apple Music app. It’s a useful feature, but it can also be annoying. So if you want to prevent these “shared” items from showing up anywhere, you can turn off “Shared with you” on iPhone and iPad. If you’re new to iOS 15 and iPadOS and don’t know what Shared With You feature really is, read up. Shared with You is Apple’s attempt to integrate the iMessage app with other native apps like Apple Music, Safari, and more. Shared with You feature reads any links or media your contacts may have sent and puts them in a Shared with you section separate from another compatible app. For example – If your friend sends you a link to an interesting article, the same link will appear in the Shared with you section of Safari. You can click this link and visit the page easily. The same applies to tracks shared via Apple Music or other media. Shared with you is an exciting new way to minimize clutter and get all of your friends and family’s relevant media in one place.

How to Disable Shared with You in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15: iPhone

Hide ‘Shared with you’ section in Safari from Home Menu

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