How to Turn Off Smart Objects in Photoshop – Guide

Smart objects do different things, but their main advantage is that they preserve the original data of the embedded image or vector file. This is one of the ways you can use it non-destructively in Photoshop. For example, in the composition above the image on the left is the original image, the middle image is a smart object that has been scaled to 10% and then resized, while the chaos on the right is very blurry, the raster layer that has been scaled to 10 %. Then it slowed down again. As you can see, during the transformation, the smart object kept the original image, while the raster layer lost a lot of data. So when creating a composite image, you can move it, resize it, crop it, filter it, use adjustment layers, and change its appearance without worrying about irreversible changes. When working with raster layers, on the other hand, the only way to try something new is to undo everything you’ve already done and start over. On the other hand, a raster layer has the advantage of being able to edit it directly, without boring dialogs. Learn how to disable Smart Objects in Photoshop, see our article below.

How to Disable Smart Objects in Photoshop

Rasterize your smart object to disable it

Convert to layers to turn off your smart object

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