How to Turn off Web Search Results on Windows 11 PC – Guide

In Windows 11, when you search for something in the Start menu search, it not only performs a system-wide search, it also performs a Bing search and displays the web search results alongside files and folders on your PC. The web results try to match your search terms and show recommended options based on the keywords you entered. This could have been very helpful, but the implementation isn’t there yet. First, Bing suggestions are rarely relevant or match what you’re trying to find. Second, if you’re looking for private or work files, you really don’t want those filenames to make it to the internet. Finally, listing next to local files and folders makes viewing search results confusing and harder to find what you really need. So you better turn it off feature on your computer and never deal with it again. This guide will show you how to easily disable “Search the web” results in Start Menu Search on your Windows 11 computer. First of all, Bing web search feature is enabled and in most cases the suggestions that appear in the search results are irrelevant. Second, if you are looking for personal and secret files, it is not advisable to give these names to Microsoft. It is possible for the company to track your requests.

How to Disable Web Search Results on Windows 11 PC

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