How To Turn Off Windows 11 Auto-Lock – Guide

Whenever you start Windows 11, the main thing you will see when your PC boots up it’s the lock screen. This is the scatter screen you will see with the time, date, warnings and background image before entering. You can customize the lock screen to suit your own needs, for example you can choose to change the background. Either way, some users probably won’t want to navigate the lock screen to get into their system. Assuming that’s the situation, you’ll need to disable the lock screen in Windows 11. To disable it, you can use the Group Policy Editor or tweak the Registry. Either way, these options are simply accessible to specific Windows 11 variants (unless you choose to review). If you have any desire to know how to disable Windows 11 lock screen, follow these means.

How to disable Windows 11 autolock

How to Turn lock screen on or off in Windows 11 using Local Group Policy Editor?

When finished, the lock screen is disabled on your Windows 11 PC. To enable the lock screen again on your computer, repeat the steps above and in step 4, select the “Do not configure” or “Disabled” option. That’s it.

How to Enable or disable lock screen in Windows 11 via Registry Editor?

Using Registry Editor, you can also apply a policy on your computer. It is beneficial if you are using Windows 11. In Windows 11 Home Edition, you cannot open the Local Group Policy Editor (Gpedit.msc) because it is not part of it.

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