How to Turn on Dark Mode at Sunset on Android – Guide

We all know that. It’s late at night, you open your phone and are blinded by its intense white light. Even if you’ve adjusted the brightness, the white glow of your traditional phoneUI’s might be too much for your eyes. Fortunately, there is dark mode to save the day. Dark mode reduces the amount of light emitted by your phone’s while keeping the text easy to read. It not only makes your phone more comfortable to use in low light conditions, but it can also help extend battery life and reduce glare. While Dark Mode was originally intended for use at night and in low light conditions, it has a loyal following who use it all the time. It’s very easy to turn dark mode on permanently if you prefer its daytime aesthetic, but you can also set a dark mode schedule on your phone if you want to activate it only at certain times. If you enable dark mode on your phone and set your own schedule, your phone will automatically switch to dark mode at times you choose. This can be especially helpful if a sunset-to-sunrise schedule doesn’t suit your needs.

Enabling and Scheduling Dark Mode on Samsung phones

When using a Samsung phone with One UI 2 and above: If you don’t want to have dark mode on perpetually, you can schedule it:

Enabling and Scheduling Dark Mode on Pixel phones

If you have a Pixel device or any smartphone running Android 10 and up, you will need: Alternatively, you can schedule dark mode:

Enabling and Scheduling Dark Mode on Xiaomi phones

If you own a Xiaomi device, here it is how to activate dark mode. To schedule the dark theme:

Adding Dark Mode Block to Quick Settings

And if you want to have more control over the feature without having to navigate to Settings all the time? You have the option to add a dark theme tile to your quick settings, after which tapping the icon will activate the feature on/off, and a long press will take you to the Settings app instantly. To do this on a Samsung device:

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