How to Turn-on Dark Mode in Google Calendar – Guide

Several Google products and services help us in our professional work, access information, and also play an important role in helping us stay in touch with our loved ones and grow our business. In another update, Google is introducing Dark Mode for the Google Chat desktop and web app, along with Progressive Web App (PWA). Android and iOS users already have access to dark mode in their Google Chat app. The announcement was made by Google in a blog post stating that users will be able to change the desktop theme through the settings. However, it should be noted that the new dark mode update will be rolled out gradually and if Google users still cannot see it, they will get the update soon. In addition to dark mode, Google has added another interesting feature which allows users to add their workplace directly to the calendar. You can add your work location for a week and change it later if your schedule changes. Google will release this feature on August 30, but most administrators were given the power to control its use. According to Google, the new calendar feature will be enabled by default and can be disabled at the domain or OU level. If an admin wants to disable this feature they can disable the setting in the admin console before August 30th.

How to enable dark mode in google calendar

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