How to turn on dark mode in Microsoft Teams – Guide

I’ve always been a big fan of dark mode for any application because I spend more hours on my computer than I admit, so eye strain is always a concern. Dark mode allows us to protect our eyes from the harsh glare of white screens, and it could save a little more battery life on our mobile devices. If you are using Microsoft Teams to communicate with other members, you can enable, enable and use Dark Mode in Microsoft Teams in desktop software or web version. Today, Microsoft Teams has become an essential software and solution for people working from home. It allows users to communicate remotely so that employees can work on a project as usual. If you spend a lot of time using Microsoft Teams on your computer and often suffer from eye strain, this article might help you relax a bit. Dark Mode or Theme is always useful for people who use a specific software or interface a lot. Similar to Windows settings, YouTube, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge browser, etc., you can also enable dark mode in Microsoft Teams. The option is placed in the same position regardless of whether you are using the web version of the Microsoft Teams desktop software. Although there is very little difference between both interfaces, you will not find it difficult to identify the option you need. In this article, we’ve included screenshots of the desktop software. However, you can follow the same steps to do this in the web version as well.

How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Teams

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