How to Turn on Dark Mode in Snapchat for Android and iOS – Guide

Dark mode is the most discussed feature among smartphone geeks as it is preferred in low light and is pleasing to the eye. Nothing beats opening an app in bed, only to be faced with the glare of an all-white screen. To work around this, many apps now have optional or mandatory dark mode features. It’s easy on the iPhone and significantly more complex (but still technically feasible) on Android. It is common for people to strain their eyes at night when using the phones. Plus, the strong blue light from screens can make it hard to sleep, cause headaches, and more. Many apps, websites and smart devices offer dark mode as an alternative to get around this. Dark mode (sometimes called night mode) is a setting that changes the app’s color scheme to a darker landscape. Another term for dark mode could be sleep mode, this is the display setting for when you plan to stay up for a while with the lights off. Dark mode lets you use your phone or other smart device at night without straining your eyes or making it difficult to sleep. Unfortunately, not all apps offer night mode – even some of the most popular apps have yet to add this useful feature. feature.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat on Your iPhone

Snapchat Dark Mode on your Android Phone

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