How to Turn-On Dark Mode on Instagram – Guide

You’ll be grateful that we showed you how to use Instagram dark mode. A darker palette is even better and more immersive for viewing images and videos, and the dark mode on Instagram is truly a hit in media paradise. If you want to take your Instagram experience to the next level, dark mode is definitely the way to go. But it’s more than just highlighting your images and videos. Dark mode also has other benefits. As the bright light hitting your eyes is significantly reduced, there is less strain on your eyes, especially at night. So when you’re seeing posts in your feed before bed, it’s not that taxing on your eyes. Also, switching to Instagram’s dark mode isn’t just for aesthetic reasons. Dark mode usually drains your device’s battery a little more. Especially if it’s an AMOLED screen smartphone like the Google Pixel 6 or one of Apple’s new iPhone 13 models. With this type of panel, pixels are completely turned off when displayed in black, reducing power consumption. And if you keep watching photos and videos for hours, you’ll want to extend your battery life. The savings in battery life might not be huge, but every minute counts when it comes to mobile devices. With all the benefits that Instagram’s dark mode brings, you’re going to want to switch as soon as possible. We will show exactly how to use Instagram dark mode on iOS and Android.

How to enable dark mode on instagram

Dark Mode on iOS

dark theme for android

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