How to Turn on Dark Mode on WhatsApp – Guide

Nowadays there are many apps that are ready to give dark mode. YouTube, recently the Messenger app, also introduced dark mode. Dark mode users are enjoying it more. Dark Mode mainly helps in reducing battery consumption on AMOLED devices. Now dark mode has been included in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android. Now you can easily enable dark mode in stable version of WhatsApp with root access by modifying some files. Android 10 already supports system-wide dark mode. Third-party apps are also in dark mode. With the introduction of Android 10, a system-wide dark theme was finally released. Dark Mode (DM) not only prevents eye strain in humans, but also helps to extend smartphone battery life. Google and other smartphone makers may have envisioned a dark mode of their own for their device brand. But some apps still lack functionality. One of the most used apps is WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp has not announced this feature still, we found a solution that will help you to enable DMs in the popular messaging app.

How to enable dark mode on whatsapp

Still to be made official, WhatsApp seems to be getting ready up for the global launch of dark mode in your messaging app. This is evident from the fact that WhatsApp is now features a sequence of codes whose parts are read “dark mode”. This has led some users to enable dark mode on their WhatsApp app via a workaround.



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