How to Turn-On Desktop Sharing Hub on Chrome – Guide

Omnibox in Google Chrome is a very flexible and useful tool, and soon another useful menu may be added. A new “Desktop Sharing Hub” menu in Google Chrome can provide faster and easier access to shortcuts to copy links, generate QR codes and more. This new tool shows up on the latest versions of Chrome Canary (via Chrome Story) on Windows, Linux, macOS and Chrome OS. O feature doesn’t seem to have final name still, but it is referred to as “Desktop Sharing Hub” in the chrome://flags menu. Google also refers to the feature like “Chrome Share Menu” in the same section. When enabled, the feature will display a “+” icon at the far right of the omnibox which, when pressed, will bring up various options built into Chrome for sharing pages with others. This includes generating a QR code, forwarding a tab, saving a page as a static document, and simply copying the link. The “Send to your devices” option is also shown here when enabled. This one feature just showed up at v92 of Chrome Canary, which means it’s still a little way away from a full release under the best of circumstances. That release won’t hit the beta channel until June, with the stable release coming in July. Still, it looks like a nice and useful tool for Chrome users that we hope to see released soon. At this point it is a fully functional feature.

How to enable Sharing Hub in Google Chrome

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