How to Turn-On Hibernation Mode in Windows 10 PC – Guide

Usually, when you think about stepping away from your PC for a while, turning it off is probably the first thing that comes to mind before you leave your desk. Sleep mode can probably be a close second. But what if you want to pick up where you left off instead of starting from scratch? While you can use sleep mode in this case, if battery or power consumption is an issue, you should use Windows hibernation. However, before we delve into reality tutorial in how to enable windows hibernation, let’s quickly see what hibernation is exactly and how it works. As an alternative to standard shutdown, Windows hibernation is a way to save your current work and Windows state to your hard drive for later retrieval. So when you turn your PC back on, the information stored on your drive is transferred back to your main memory and you can choose up where did you stop. This is where it differs from Sleep, which stores all your data in RAM. And unlike a normal shutdown, Hibernate takes your PC back to where it was in just seconds. So you can think of it as the best of Shutdown and Sleep. Hibernation puts your PC into a low-power mode that lets you shut it down without losing your work.

How to enable hibernate mode on Windows 10 PC

You access hibernation options through Windows 10’s power and sleep settings. Here’s where to find them.

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