How to Turn on Location History in Google Maps – Guide

One of the advantages that Google Maps offers us is that over the years all our activities are somehow saved in its menus. So those who are particularly lazy about keeping a journal of the things they do will become a recurring box of reminders that we can grab hold of. up about what we did on a given day. Where we were? Where do we eat on the day of this celebration? The problem is that apps often hide this information in hidden menus, where finding it is very tricky, so we decided to leave it aside. Also, on the few occasions that we dared to step into these roles, after the months we found out that companies decided to change their website, so we somehow got back to the initial field.

How to enable Location History in Google Maps

Google Maps creates your timeline by tracking where you’ve been over a long period of time. To do this, it needs your location history. Location History is turned on for all basic Google accounts by default (although it can be turned off if you have an education or business account). To make sure it’s enabled:

How to view your Google Maps timeline on mobile application

The screen will change and a large menu will appear with a variety of options at the top. They will be a little different depending on whether you are using an iPhone or Android.

On both devices you will see:

If you’re using an Android, you’ll also see Travel and Insights. Travel shows (as the name suggests) the vacations and getaways you’ve taken. Insights tracks how much time you spent walking, driving and using public transport each month, along with the distance you traveled and what you spent your time doing.

How to view your Google Maps timeline on the website

You can also find the timeline on the Google Maps website, but it looks a little different. You will be taken to the Timeline page. Here you can:

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