Some of the most well-liked aspects of Android were introduced with iOS 14, including iOS widgets and Apple’s version of an app drawer. But before being ported over to iPhones, one of its coolest new features, picture-in-picture mode, was available on the iPad for years. PiP enables you to use other apps and watch videos or listen to FaceTime chats in a corner of your screen. Any iOS 14-compatible phone can use it, however newer phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max benefit greatly from their larger screens. PiP is supported by the majority of popular video programmes, and Safari also supports browser videos. That list comes with the major caveat that YouTube is still inaccessible in picture-in-picture mode unless you pay for Premium, though some devoted users have discovered workarounds. We mentioned below are the steps to enable Picture and Picture mode in Disney+ on iOS.

Steps to enable Picture and Picture mode in Disney+ on iOS

Step 1: Open up the Disney+ app on your iPhone or iPad and start watching your selected content. Step 2: When you’re ready to enter picture-in-picture mode on an iPhone or iPad without a home button, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen until the PiP mode is active. Step 3: On an older iPhone or iPad with a home button, just tap the button once quickly. Step 4: The picture-in-picture screen will appear in one corner of your iPhone or iPad screen. Step 5: Then simply select it and swipe to move it to different corners of the screen. You can also completely hide the video off-screen, just select the right arrow to put the video back in place. Step 6: No matter what you’re doing, the video will stay on top of the screen so you can see what’s happening. Step 7: When watching the picture-in-picture video, tap the video screen once to pause and see a number of controls. Step 8: You can fast-forward and rewind the video 15 seconds with just a tap. The X in the top-left corner will exit out of Disney+. Step 9: When you’re ready to exit picture-in-picture mode, just tap the icon in the top right corner and head back to the full-screen Disney+ app.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to enable PiP mode in Disney+ on iOS. Apple has at last given in to iOS consumers’ requests for a full-featured Picture-in-Picture mode on the iPhone after many years of waiting. Apple had already implemented PiP mode on the iPad in iOS 9 at WWDC 2015, but for reasons best known to itself, the corporation was just unwilling to bring it to the iPhone. Finally making an appearance on the iPhone.

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