How to turn Twitter threads – Guide

The greatness of Twitter is that each message is bound to 280 characters or less, but sometimes you can’t convey all your musings in a single tweet. Or then again, maybe you’re following a live report and want to follow the sequence to read the news as it grows, so there’s a setup for what happened before. Whatever the explanation, sometimes Twitter threads can get long, which can make them difficult to follow. Fortunately, there’s a bot that can help sort those tweets into a piece of text without all the additional replies from anyone other than the individual who started the sequence. This is referred to as “unrolling” a string and is done by a device called @threadreaderapp, which allows you to consolidate tweet storms into a single post essentially using the “unroll” keyword. Assuming you’re a regular Twitter user, chances are you’ve gone through lengthy Twitter threads that help the message get past the 280 person limit. These strings are often used to share a total report or provide supporting data. Anyway, how would you follow or share a long thread to make it more coherent? There are a number of bots and tools out there that can allow you to unroll Twitter threads.

How to turn twitter threads into readable blog posts

first method

It will open the topic tweeted in the blog post.

second method

Next up, we have an extension, Thread Reader Extension in Google Chrome, which allows you to do the same thing. But, you don’t need to open the tool page for the same.

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