How to unban your phone on PUBG Mobile – Guide

This article is about how to unlock a device in PUBG Mobile. We will try our best so that you can understand this article. I hope you like this article How to unlock a device in PUBG Mobile. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this. from PUBG Mobile has millions of users all over the world, the creators recently made some tough decisions that could result in your PUBG account being blocked if you violate the game rules. Cheaters significantly affect the gaming experience, and those who gain an unfair advantage over others damage the spirit of the game. Users who engage in extreme behavior such as using a gaming bot or illegal software can expect to have their account banned permanently or temporarily. Of course, none of us would like that. So Tencent Games must have banned your account because you broke the rules once and for all. Your account has been suspended even if you were unlucky and got caught or never did anything illegal. You can unlock your PUBG Mobile account by following the instructions below.

How to unban your phone on PUBG Mobile

you should know now how to unlock a PUBG account. However, there is more work to be done. Reviewers will verify your choice and contact you if necessary. There is another way to get your locked account back by sending a simple email and you will be able to unlock PUBG Mobile bill.

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