How to Unblock Num­ber on Mac and iPhone – Guide

Not getting calls you think you should be getting? Stopped someone inadvertently and now you’re wondering exactly how you would unlock someone on your iPhone? Or, on the other hand, possibly the square was deliberate, but now things have calmed down and you are ready to take calls once more. Whatever your explanation, you need to unlock a number on iPhone today. Fortunately, it’s really simple to unlock someone (a number, email, and so on) on your iPhone! In case you prefer not to receive calls from a phone number or contact, you can unlock it. If you have a chance to adjust your perspective later, you can usually unlock it. This article provides details on How to block and unblock contacts or numbers. iOS allows you to make a block list. Also, you will not receive calls, messages or FaceTime from people on your block list.

Unlock a number on iPhone

If you remember the contact(s) you blocked, you can easily unblock them on Phone application. But if you can’t remember the contact(s), check the blocked numbers list on Phone settings menu and unlock them accordingly. In this section, we’ll show you different techniques for unlocking contacts on your iPhone and iPad. launch the Phone application, tap the information icon next to the number you want to unlock, then tap Unblock this caller. If the contact is not in the “Recents” section, go to the Contacts tab, select the contact you want to unblock (use the search bar to find the contact more quickly) and select Unblock this caller. This is the best approach to take if you want to have a cursory look at all the blocked contacts on your iPhone.

Addendum: Reactivate unknown callers

iOS and iPadOS come with a feature which automatically diverts calls from unknown/unsaved numbers to voicemail. Think of it as a “soft lock”. If you are not receiving calls from numbers you have not blocked, the “Mute unknown caller” button feature is probably active. Go to Settings> Phone > Mute Unknown Callers and disable Mute Unknown Callers.

How to block a contact in Messaging Preferences for Mac

How to block a contact in FaceTime for Mac

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