How to uninstall apps on Android Device that won’t uninstall – Guide

Unnecessary apps don’t just lead up valuable space on your phone’s storage, but they can also affect your phone’s performance and battery life. From social media apps to apps that claim to save RAM or clean up storage space, uninstalling pre-installed apps on your Android device can be difficult. but definitely not impossible. It depends on whether you rooted your Android device or not. In most cases, deleting pre-installed apps is not possible. But you can disable them. Once disabled, the app will disappear from your home screen and app drawer. Also, it no longer runs in the background or consumes unnecessary disk space by collecting the cache. Some bloatware can be easily uninstalled like regular apps, while others need to be disabled via the above steps. There are a few reasons why you might not be able to uninstall some apps on your Android device. The two main ones are that they could be system apps or they could have been pre-installed on the device. Once disabled, an app’s data will be wiped to save storage space and will no longer run or appear in your apps list. Although the app has not been completely uninstalled, it shouldn’t bother your phone unless you reactivate it.

Disable apps in settings

The easiest way to uninstall pre-installed apps or bloatware is to disable them completely, as follows.

Unable to uninstall an app set as administrator?

Some apps have device administrator permission and therefore cannot be installed easily. This is often the case for antivirus, app blocking, and other apps that have been granted device admin permission by you.

Final note

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