How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 PC – Guide

Most users who reject Edge are content to simply install Chrome, Firefox or Opera and change the default browser to Windows 11 or 10. But for some people, it is not enough to avoid using Microsoft’s browser and leave it as an organ. stunted in the body of its Start menus; they want to remove Edge completely. Normally, when you want to uninstall an app on Windows 11 or 10, just navigate to Settings->Apps->Apps and features, find your app name, select Uninstall, and (Microsoft) Bob is your uncle. With Edge, however, the uninstall option is grayed out and you’ll have to use some command line magic to get the job done. We then discovered that the internet offered several alternative ways to remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 indefinitely. However, after testing them, we found that not all of these methods work. We tried to remove it via Windows PowerShell, but that didn’t work for us. We also tried renaming the folders containing Edge files through File Explorer, but that didn’t work either, and Edge continued to work normally.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 or 10

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