How to Uninstall Multiple Apps at Once on your Android – Guide

Google has many products and services. So when Google decides to make a minor update to one of these products, most users don’t even notice the change. For this reason, many new Google features often go unnoticed and make little or no change to the user experience. one of these new feature Google recently introduced a new storage management screen in the Play Store, which offers the easiest way to get rid of multiple apps at once. How it works. The new panel has been hidden in one of the tabs in the “My apps and games” section of the Play Store. The option for this section is located in the left navigation drawer. Swipe right to access the “Installed” page. At the top you will see a bar that shows how much storage space is left on your phone. As you can imagine, most users haven’t figured this out yet.

How to uninstall multiple apps at once on your android

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