How to uninstall WSL Linux instance in Windows 11 – Guide

It is possible to uninstall Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 11, but it requires several steps that you must follow in order. While Microsoft has made it simple to install WSL2 with a single command or through the Microsoft Store, removing the platform is not as easy as clicking Uninstall. If you want to completely uninstall WSL from your computer, make sure you remove the Linux distributions first, then uninstall additional components, and then disable the platform. While the ability to run Linux on Windows 11 is a useful feature feature For developers and users who need access to both platforms, there may be times when you no longer need the platform or need to reset it to troubleshoot. One of the many benefits of WSL is that you can set up a complete Linux distribution and integrate it into your Windows workflow without fear of breaking anything important on your PC. It’s a virtual machine, but it interacts with your Windows installation, and if something goes wrong, just destroy it and start over. On the surface, you might think that you just need to uninstall the “application” for whatever distro you have installed, but that’s only half the battle.

How to uninstall WSL Linux instance on Windows 11

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