How to unlock an Android phone without using password – Guide

One of the most frustrating aspects of smartphones today is when you’re faced with a situation where you can’t get past the lock screen. Android phone Manufacturers have done a great job of providing different ways to unlock your device. But that doesn’t exactly help if you buy a used device that hasn’t been cleaned properly. If you fall into this category, all hope is not lost as there are some ways to unlock Android phone no password.

unlock android phone no password using Find My Device

For years, Google has had its own method for remotely locating, locking, and wiping your device. It’s gone through several iterations, but Google’s Find My Device is the built-in method if you need to find your devices. Unfortunately, the Find My Device functionality is not automatically enabled on all devices. For the most part, it should be turned on whenever you log into your Google Account for the first time. However, this is one of the settings you definitely want to check again after getting a new one. phone. Now that Find My Device is activated, you can unlock Android phone no password. The process is quite simple as you can do this on a computer, laptop, tablet or even another Android phone. In some cases, you may get another prompt asking you to go through a “Security Check” Google account. Also, an email is likely to arrive informing you that a device has been remotely wiped. While this process works to remotely wipe your device for your information, there are some caveats. The first one is whatever it is phone is being cleared, will need to be connected to a network, along with Location Services enabled. This is problematic in the case of your phone has been stolen as thieves often shut down network connectivity almost immediately. Another caveat comes for those who buy a used Android phone that was not reset correctly. To access the device after cleaning it with Find My Device, the original Google Account password is required to start the setup process. without it you will end up up with a potentially expensive paperweight.

unlock android phone no password using DroidKit

Fortunately, Find My Device is not the only option as there is a very good tool available called DroidKit. This comes from the iMobie team, who are also responsible for the AnyDroid app for Android data management, along with other useful apps. With DroidKit, this is advertised as Android Phone Toolkit and provides a few different tools. One of those tools, as you might suspect, is the ability to unlock Android phone no password. By using DroidKit, you will be able to overcome any password issues, including those that may occur when you just need to remove the PIN-CODE on the lock screen. After downloading, here is what you need to do to unlock your Android phone without a password using DroidKit. And that’s it! DroidKit also has the added benefit of being usable with Windows and macOS. This is extremely unusual when it comes to Android device tools on macOS, plus it works with over 20,000 different devices across all major Android devices. phone manufacturers. From the news

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