A little bit about Fortnite augments, one of the most popular battle royal games available, is taught to you in the prerequisite trials you must complete before more Chapter 4 objectives become available. However, it doesn’t go into great depth about how they work or how to get your hands on the collection’s secret augments. These perk upgrades can also reveal the locations of approaching storms and bestow upon you special benefits in addition to granting you access to bonuses that affect some of the new Fortnite weapons. If you don’t like the possibilities, you can reroll once for free or pay 100 gold for each extra roll. A match allows you to hold up to four cards.

How to Unlock Augments Fortnite

Players of Fortnite will see that they have various augments unlocked after their first game. Every time the game gives players the option, they will have these to pick from. Every two and a half minutes, this occurs. More are made available each time a new perk is selectable.

Playtime, not a challenge or anything like, is the key to unlocking all 22 augments. There should be another perk available after every new one. Now, anyone may access these. The augment that each participant choose in the video game is chosen at random. Even if it might not always deliver a fresh one, all of them will eventually become accessible.

How to get and use augments

You won’t be finding or looting augments on the map itself, unlike weapons, equipment, and the majority of other things in Fortnite. Instead, during the course of a game, augments are distributed to all players who are still alive. You will be given the option to choose between two augments to put into one of four slots when the game is about two and a half minutes old. You will receive a new pair to choose from every two and a half minutes or so after selecting your first, if you survive and the game doesn’t finish. Pay attention to the augments that have the word “new” beside them to indicate that you haven’t taken them previously if you’re trying to unlock the augment tab. You can also hold down the interact button at the bottom to reroll your options if none of the two displayed augments appeals to you. One free reroll is allowed, but more rerolls will cost 100 gold bars. An augment still needs to be activated, even when it is passive. To achieve this, highlight the augment you want to employ in the augment menu by pressing right on the D-pad (or the equivalent on your platform), and then activate it with the right trigger.

System Requirements


About the Game

When Fortnite first came out, it was a multiplayer shooter with a narrative focus in which you and a few pals battled swarms of oddball foes. Despite having a unique personality, it was unable to draw in a larger following. With the introduction of PUBG and the widespread acceptance of battle royale, everything changed. Epic Games seized the chance to transform their unimpressive shooter into a battle royale ripoff and hasn’t looked back since. Before millions of players started to arrive, eager to grasp this addicting new concept, the first few months were extremely simplistic, with the signs of a thrown together product being rather clear. Fortnite’s popularity quickly skyrocketed as Epic Games introduced battle passes and regular seasons, each with their own distinct style, themes, and method of in-game storytelling. It contained ground-breaking concepts that were extremely original at the time and are now used by some of the biggest brands in gaming.


Users who prefer to play alone or with others will find Fortnite to be the ideal game. Fortnite has a variety of preset game options to do this. These come in single, pair, and squad formats. As their names imply, solo is for individuals looking to play as a team of one, duos are for teams of two, and squads allow up to four players to play simultaneously. It’s convenient that you can immediately be paired up with other players if you wish to fight with them but don’t have any online pals. Fortnite occasionally introduces changed game types outside of these preset options. For instance, at the time of writing, the battle royale offers a 50 V 50 mode in which players are assigned to 50 characters on a team, with the main objective being to eliminate every member of the opposition. Other earlier instances include game modes that restrict player access to only shotgun and sniper classes of weaponry. If you know more details about this, than you can check on official website.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Unlock Augments Fortnite. No matter how you look at it, Fortnite is a battle royale sensation. What started as a meh third-person shooter has grown into one of the most popular and recognizable brands on the planet. Here, Epic Games has accomplished something absolutely exceptional.

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