In Modern Warfare 2, the process to acquire Gold camo for your weapons has been significantly changed, and if you concentrate on one particular weapon at a time, earning it should actually be rather simple. Enter the Loadout area by going to the Multiplayer’s Weapons tab. Tab up on the weapon to enter the Gunsmith once you’ve chosen the loadout including the weapon you want the Gold camo for. We have mentioned below to Unlock MW2 Gold Camo

How To Unlock MW2 Gold Camo

Before anything else, you should be aware of how Modern Warfare 2 Base camos function in comparison to earlier games. Currently, 186 base camos in a dozen different categories are accessible. Although there is a lot to understand, the advantage is that you don’t have to unlock them for every weapon. Instead, once you unlock one, all of your guns have that base camo as an option, which is cool. For players who might not be interested in the protracted and frequently exhausting grind associated with Mastery Camos, this is ideal. Additionally, there are some cool customization choices that go beyond simply changing the weapon’s color.

Go to the Weapons tab, choose your multiplayer loadout, click on Gunsmith above any qualifying weapon, then move to the Customize tab to peruse the list and verify them for yourself. You may access the Camo menu from here and browse every category on the bottom right panel. Hovering over a certain camouflage pattern will reveal the related weapon and the challenge you must fulfil with that weapon.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how To Unlock MW2 Gold Camo. The Gold Camo, a mainstay of the series dating back to the first Modern Warfare, is the ideal accessory for players that intend to no-life the game as soon as it is released. Even while it’s simpler than it formerly was, there are still a few things you may do to speed up the procedure.

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