How to Unrun Magisk Modules Using TWRP Recovery – Guide

If your device boots up or crashes after installing the Magisk Module, follow this manual to recover your device. Uninstalling/deleting the specific module or all modules can help you to fix it. In this helper, we will guide you to uninstall Magisk Module using TWRP Recovery. Here, we use two different techniques to uninstall Magisk module in TWRP recovery. One is Uninstall Module using the TWRP document head, and another is Terminal to finish evicting the Magisk module. Magisk is one of the most amazing Android improvement programs without changing the package/system. It gives us full access to tuning on our Android device. You can use Magisk Manager to add various modules to tune your device at a higher level. However, every now and then, various applications do not run as expected with the device and the device goes into the launch circle after installing this module.

Uninstall Magisk Module with Magisk Manager to Recovery Mode

VR25 developed Magisk Manager for recovery mode. This is one of their modules, and there are many modules currently under development by VR25 on Magic Mask Tree. This module has better options than the ones we mentioned above. You will get a very fluid and interactive experience using this module and you will not need to install it every time you want to uninstall the magisk module via TWRP.

method 1

method 2

Final note

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