How to Update iOS iPhone Software – Guide

Every time Apple releases a new update, they feature new ones. features, bug fixes, security patches and different improvements. In that sense, updating your iPhone will really make it faster and more secure. This is an explanation that you should consistently update your iPhone. Here’s how to physically update your iPhone accordingly, and what to do when your iPhone doesn’t update as expected. Also called iOS 15, it guarantees a large bunch of updates, including the ability to stream movies, TV shows and music together with your loved ones on FaceTime; revised notices ​​which may be assembled and broadcast at your choosing; and the introduction of voice search and external extensions accommodating in Safari browser.

How to prepare your iPhone for the update

Before updating iOS, we recommend that you do the following:

How to update iOS

Here it is how to download and install the latest iOS version on your iPhone:

How to update iOS if you don’t have Wi-Fi

To update iOS using mobile data (or data from the cellular network), follow these steps: Your Mac will continue to download the latest version of iOS using your iPhone data connection. You can then use iTunes to update iOS on your iPhone. Alternatively, if your Mac is connected to the internet via Ethernet, or otherwise, you can download iOS using iTunes or Finder in exactly the same way as above. (Note that Apple ended iTunes with the arrival of Catalina, so on Macs running that version of macOS or later, the Finder manages things like software downloads.)

How to update iOS if you don’t have space

Downloading via Finder or iTunes is also a great way to update iOS if you don’t have enough space on your iPhone, so follow the steps above. Alternatively, you can try these steps to free up more space on your iPhone.

Will iPhone update erase my data?

If you’re low on space, you might be worried about losing some of your data if you install the new iPhone update. It is understandable that some people are concerned about this, because it has happened in the past. However, it should be the case that once the iOS update has been installed, all your data will be intact, and if it isn’t, well, you have a backup, don’t you? be sure to come back up your phone before updating.

Why is my iPhone not up to date?

You might be wondering why your iPhone doesn’t show the iOS update available. There are a few reasons why this might be the case. If these points don’t apply to you, try installing via the Finder or iTunes as detailed above.

iPhone update is frozen

So, you followed all of our advice and the update is still taking AGES! Your iPhone may appear to be stuck, or the update is stuck near the end. What should you do? Here’s what to do if iOS doesn’t install: What to do if you can’t update your iPhone.

How to upgrade iOS from a beta version

If you’ve already tried a beta version of iOS prior to its full release, you should note that to get the next non-beta iOS releases, you’ll need to remove the Apple configuration profile from your device. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Profile and selecting iOS Beta Software Profile, choosing Delete Profile, and entering your password to confirm the change. From now on, you will receive official updates (instead of beta updates) as usual.

How to get a copy of the old iOS version

What happens if you change your mind later and want to downgrade to the previous iOS version? Downgrading is really tricky, so we can’t guarantee that having the old version will mean you can roll back, but here’s the method to use. We have a separate article that explains how to revert to an older version of iOS. If you’ve already started the update and you’re finding there are issues, read what to do if you can’t update iOS. And if your iPhone doesn’t run the new iOS version, you might want to check out our iPhone Best Deals summary so you can save money while packing a brand-new device.

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