How to Update Ubuntu 18.10 to Ubuntu 19.04 – Guide

If you want to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 from 18.04 LTS, you might be frustrated to learn that you can’t, at least not directly. Instead, you need to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.10 first, and once completed, follow the steps below to upgrade Ubuntu 18.10 to 19.04. Considering the hassle involved, I would recommend a clean install. You can even boot Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with 19.04 (using the “Install alongside Ubuntu 18.04 LTS” option in the installer). That way, you can try the latest version while keeping the old one in case something goes wrong. Upgrading from 18.10 to Ubuntu 19.04 is super easy as you already have everything you need. However, back up all important files or critical settings in case something goes wrong. Also, make sure the internet connection you are using is stable and doesn’t disappear in the middle of the process. When ready, open the Software & Updates app and check for updates. As long as you check the release date, the tool should tell you that a new version of Ubuntu is available for download.

Upgrade from Ubuntu 18.10 to Ubuntu 19.04 (Desktop or Server)

Run the software updater application

All Ubuntu Desktop graphical systems already have the Software Updater program, as does Ubuntu 18.10. Go to Applications and look for a software updater. When it appears, click on it to run.

Ubuntu Software Updater Settings

When we open the Software Updater application, it will first check all available updates for the system and show them the same. However, before installing them, click on the Settings option.

Select the New Version option

Update Ubuntu packages

Final note

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