How To Upgrade and Increase Inventory Or Storage Space – Guide

Everything you need to know to increase your home’s storage space. If you are sick and tired of running out of space in your home storage, we have you covered in our detailed guide to increase your storage space in a few simple steps below.

How to upgrade and increase your home’s storage space

Each time you pay your debt to Tom Nook in Resident Services and upgrade your home, the storage space available on the home expands. This space starts small with just 80 slots, but it will soon become your main storage method! Follow the list below of each house’s item storage space to keep track of your current progression and how many slots you can unlock in your next house upgrade:

Final Home Storage upgrade — 2400 slots

After fully expanding your home to the largest size and paying the final debt of 2,498,000 Bells, you can buy a bond Home Tom Nook’s Storage Upgrade Expansion to 500,000 Bells. Just select the ‘Expand my storage’ option when talking to him. This upgrade expands your home’s item storage space by an additional 800 slots, resulting in a whopping 2400 slots of total space to store your items. It was introduced in the November 2020 Winter Update.

How to upgrade and increase your inventory space

There are two separate upgrades that you can unlock and buy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to increase your maximum inventory space, which will allow you to carry a lot more crafting materials, bugs, fish, furniture, clothing, tools, and more at once. .

pocket organization Guide – 5,000 miles

the pocket organization Guide It’s the first inventory boosting unlock you can get in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it increases your inventory space by adding a full third row of 10 new item slots. You can buy the Pocket Organization Guide upgrade for 5,000 miles from the Nook Stop Terminal within Resident Services. It is available from unlocking the Nook Miles+ program after paying off your first tent loan with 5000 miles and opening a new loan with Tom Nook.

pocket stuffing final – 8000 miles

Ultimate Pocket Stuffing is the second and final Inventory boost unlocks you can get in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and boost your inventory space again by adding a full fourth row of 10 more new item slots. You can purchase the Ultimate Pocket Stuffing upgrade for 8,000 miles at the Nook Stop Terminal within Resident Services. It’s available from the moment you upgrade the Resident Services tent to the full-fledged City Hall building with Isabelle! Unfortunately, there are currently no more inventory space boosts available in the game at the moment and your maximum inventory is 4 lines or 40 item slots.

Managing your inventory space

While you can’t upgrade your inventory in other ways than all of the upgrades already listed above, there are a few other ways to help manage your inventory space effectively to keep things under control.

Keep upgrading your home for storage space

Once you’ve upgraded from a tent to a full house, you can start storing almost all types of items (turnips and overgrown trees seem to be some of the few exceptions) in your home’s built-in storage space. To access the house’s storage space, just press the right button button on the left Joy-Con or the D-Pad Pro Controller. What’s even better is that the maximum amount of space for items in your home’s storage will increase along with the physical size of your home. home every time you start a new loan with Tom Nook. So if you’re running out of storage space, keep updating your home as often as possible.

every time you choose up any type of furniture or clothing item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is added to your character’s save catalog. So when you visit the Nook Shopping menu in the Nook Stop terminal, you can reorder many of these items into any one item and receive them in your mailbox. Generally, special items obtained by unusual methods, such as visiting characters like Gulliver or Saharah, and handcrafted items are excluded from the catalog order, but most other items are available to order. We recommend checking your catalogue, inventory, and home storage space to see what items you may have that can be sold to Nook’s Cranny and reordered later if you decide you want them again. This can help for free up inventory space that can be cluttered to keep items ‘just in case’.

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