How to Use a Screensaver on a Windows 11 PC – Guide

Screen savers used to be essential feature to display slow animations to prevent these large cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors from producing screen burn. However, when the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor took over, screen burn-in became a thing of the past, just like most screen savers. although that feature no longer essential for normal computer operation, Windows 11 has kept these retro screensavers for those times when you need to use a monitor that is still prone to burn-in or ghosting, or when you just… you are away from your computer. Screen savers used to be all the rage – you used them to display moving shapes and objects to avoid burn-in on older CRT monitors. Fortunately, modern monitors no longer suffer from this. feature to the same degree, making screen savers less useful.

How to set up screensaver on Windows 11 PC

To enable and configure the screen server on Windows 11, follow these steps:

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