How to Use Android Built-In Tethering When Carrier Blocks It – Guide

Mobile data costs a lot in many countries. And when the carrier offers unlimited data plans in these countries, they want to make sure that data is only used in the mobile device. They don’t want you to tie your mobile data connection to your PC and that’s why they block them. While this might not be an issue for unlocked phones. It is certainly a big problem when you buy your phone directly from a carrier like Verizon, T-MobileAT&T, etc. In this guide we will show you how to ignore this limitation and use android tethering even if the provider blocks it. The problem is that the results vary greatly from device to device. Even on the same device, what works today may not work tomorrow. This is because all the vulnerabilities that the apps use to get the job done are found and patched by the carrier. However, below are the apps we recommend for using tethering on carrier-locked devices. The following apps allow you to use tethering feature without paying your carrier any extra money, but you still have the same data cap as you normally would. If you have limited data and you exceed your allowance, your carrier will charge you extra or limit you as if you used the same amount of data as your phone.

Use the X Tether Xposed module

Using the Tethering Enabler Magisk Module

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