A brilliant solution to this problem is provided by the free Linux program Deskreen, which allows you to view multiple windows simultaneously on multiple monitors without spending any money. Simply put, it gives you the ability to turn a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and even smart TVs into wireless secondary displays for your computing needs. Deskreen uses the WebRTC protocol to send its display both X and Wayland window systems are supported to your mobile devices on your local network (wired or wireless). even outdated phones and tablets should work with it because your PC handles most labor intensive tasks. Your mobile The device must run a web browser that supports WebRTC, which on Android means running Chrome 28 or later or Firefox 22 or later. It must be running iOS 11 or later if you intend to use an old iPhone or iPad. We mentioned below are the steps to use Android phone as Second Monitor on Linux Desktop.

Steps to use Android phone as Second Monitor in Linux

The Deskreen app is available for Linux users; Most screen mirroring and screen extension software are only compatible with Windows and Mac. In addition, this program allows the simultaneous use of multiple monitors. 5GHz Ethernet or Wi-Fi is required for this to work. After downloading the application for your Linux, you must complete the following: Step 1: Download the describe application on your Linux. Step 2: Right-click on the downloaded file and goes to “properties🇧🇷 Step 3: Check the “Allow the file to run as a program” Cashier. Step 4: Open the app on your Linux. you will see a bar code it is a link in the window. Step 5: Scan the barcode or copy of the link to the mobile application. Step 6: connect the two devices🇧🇷 Step 7: Click on the “To allow🇧🇷 button🇧🇷 Step 8: Choose “Share screen view” or “Share Application preview.🇧🇷 Step 9: Confirm that you want to share your Linux display on your Android device.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to use android phone as Second Monitor on Linux. You can get more done and be more productive by working across multiple monitors. However, you can use your Android instead if you don’t have a second monitor on your device. home or if you just need a second display shortly. Because it’s portable and it won’t take long up lots of space, this might be a better option.

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