How to use Calculator App on Apple Watch – Guide

The iPad still doesn’t have a calculator, and Apple’s basic iPhone calculator is a little… basic. It’s good for solving simple problems (and still has a handful of features), but there are a large number of alternatives on the App Store that offer more features and options. Maybe you need advanced scientific knowledge features, are you looking for unique ways to do your homework, or are you just bored with the look and feel of Apple’s calculator. You may even have reached a point in your education where you need the best calculator available. Whatever your (mathematical) problem, the App Store can help you solve it. Take a look at some of the best calculator apps for iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch. With the People box selected, use the Digital Crown to adjust the number of people who are playing the account with the tip included.

How to add the Calculator app to an Apple Watch face

You can add the Calculator app as a complication on compatible watch faces:

How to access the Calculator app on Apple Watch

You can access the Calculator app on an Apple Watch face or through the Home Screen. From an Apple Watch face:

In Home screen:

How to use the Calculator app to tips

The Calculator app includes a Tips occupation. Regardless of how you access the Calculator on Apple Watch above, use the Tips work as below:

Final note

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