How to Use Chrome as a Portable Browser – Guide

The last Google News we bought for you was the launch of the 45 degree top view of Google Maps. If you are a fan of Google Chrome, today we are going to show you how to run Google Chrome on any computer from your flash drive! First, you need to download Google Chrome Portable Extractor. Once downloaded, connect your flash drive and open the downloaded file. When the small extract window appears, you will need to enter the location where you want to extract Chrome. Apparently, that would be your flash drive, so go ahead and navigate there (example below). If you want to import all your saved passwords, cookies, most visited pages and other settings, just copy the files from C:UsersYour UsernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data and paste them into your Flash Drive :Crome Portabledataprofile. When Windows asks if you want to replace the files, check the small box “Do this for the next * conflicts” and click “Copy and replace” (example screenshot below). Note – If you have been using Google Chrome on your PC for a long time, then the files you have collected on your PC can exceed 700 megabytes – so get ready for a LONG copying process.

Installing Chrome as a Portable Browser

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