Do not. Since web-based apps and services, by their very nature, require an internet connection, many Chromebook apps cannot be used without one. The good news is that many Google apps, many of which are unquestionably among the best and most useful on ChromeOS, support offline use. Of course, setting these up online is required, but once you have them, you can use them from anywhere. In addition to having several advantages over conventional desktop operating systems, Chromebooks are effective productivity tools that work just as well offline as any other computer. Consider these four things if you use a Chromebook for work. Before a need arises, make sure your computer is available offline and ready for productivity. We have mentioned below the steps to use Chromebook without internet connection.

Steps to Use Chromebook Without Internet Connection

Disconnect the Chromebook from the Internet

Step 1: click on the clock in the lower right corner of the screen. Step 2: click on the toggle network connection button🇧🇷 This turns off your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Step 3: If you were connected to WiFi and mobile Diceclick toggle network connection button Double. Step 4: Alternatively, click on network namewhich gives you access to switches that can be turned off. After following these steps, your Chromebook will be operating in offline mode. If you want to reconnect to the internet, please enable network connection.

Check Gmail without internet connection

Step 1: While online, open the Chromebook gmail app or visit Step 2: click on the gear in the upper right corner to open the Definitions dropdown menu. Step 3: Click see all settings🇧🇷 Step 4: click on the off tab. Step 5: Select Enable offline email🇧🇷 Step 6: Select if you want to keep offline data when you leave. Step 7: Select Save editions🇧🇷 You cannot view newly received emails when using Gmail offline. When you create and send an email while connected to the internet, the message is not sent immediately.

Access offline Google Docs/Sheets/Shows

Step 1: Download the google docs online store offline extension. Step 2: Navigate to the Google Drive website🇧🇷 Step 3: click on the gear icon at the top right corner. Step 4: Touch Definitions🇧🇷 Step 5: In the Offline section, check the box next to Create, open and edit your recent Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device offline. You can use Google Drive offline to perform tasks like creating documents and editing spreadsheets. All your work will be synced and available on other devices whenever your Chromebook is connected to the internet again.

Save webpages to read offline

Step 1: open the web page you want to save. Step 2: Right click on the page in itself. Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select To save Like. Step 4: In the file manager window, click the button dropdown menu next to New Folder. Step 5: Select web pagehtml only Step 6: Change the Name of the page, if you wish. Step 7: Change the download location in the sidebar. Step 8: Click To save🇧🇷

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to use Chromebook without internet connection. When Chromebooks were initially released in 2011, they were essentially useless when not connected to the internet. Relying on Google’s cloud services, offline Chromebooks couldn’t even serve as word processors. Fortunately, Chrome OS has come a long way since its inception. Many of the cloud-based Chromebook apps can now be used offline, with each app automatically syncing its data once you reconnect to the internet.

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