How to Use Credential Manager in Your Windows 11 PC – Guide

Previously, Windows Credential Manager was introduced with Windows Vista as part of Protected Storage System. This is a place where a user’s usernames, passwords, addresses, credentials and other sensitive data are stored separately for web and system activities so that users can put all stored credentials in a central location where they can access them quickly and easily. . Want to access your stored Windows 11 credentials for passwords in Edge or File Explorer? Then you need to use Credential Manager. The Credential Management Tool in Windows 11 stores user credentials for websites you visit in Microsoft Edge and other apps. It can also store credentials for networks like shared drives or mapped network drives, but you can also use it to view, add, delete and go back up all your credentials. Credentials Manager is not a new featurebut it’s still useful on a Windows 11 PC. If you’ve never used it before, below we’ll show you how to use Credential Manager in Windows 11.

How to use Credential Manager on your Windows 11 PC

Open the Credential Manager

Delete Web Credential

Credential Manager on Windows 10 does not provide the option to manually add new site login information. However, it allows you to delete the account details that are already listed.

Show web credential password

Every time you visit a website and provide login credentials, all information is stored in the system. Eventually it also helps you to view a forgotten password. Let’s see how!

Add a Windows credential

In certain situations, you may want the system to provide credentials whenever necessary. In that case, you can add a Windows credential as per preference in Windows 10. For example, you can add username and password to access a “network computer”.

Edit a credential

When using Credential Manager on Windows 10, you will see that it also gives you the option to edit an existing one.

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