How to Use Emails Read Aloud in Outlook – Guide

Cortana may have been overlooked by many, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from trying to keep the virtual assistant alive. As per this, Play My Emails was introduced in Outlook mobile app, allowing you to interact with your unread emails with the help of Cortana. The idea behind Play My Emails is that you can go through new messages without having to book daily time just to read them. You can get ready for work or drive to the office and Cortana will read your emails aloud. Microsoft says a variety of playback options will be available even when using Bluetooth headphones, while additional features for Surface Earbuds are on the way. Play My Emails can be launched from the Outlook hamburger menu or simply by asking Cortana. The assistant first provides an overview of your communication and then informs you if your daily routine has changed in any way. It can go straight to important emails, letting you know if a message is easier to read on a screen, has attachments, or is part of a topic.

Getting Microsoft Outlook to Read Your Emails

Before you can use the Read Out Loud feature, you need to confirm that Read Out Loud is enabled in your version of Outlook.

How to Confirm Read Aloud is Enabled in Microsoft Outlook

If you don’t see the Read aloud tab by default, you’ll need to enable it manually. Here it is how to do it.

How to Manually enable read aloud Feature in Microsoft Outlook

How to Use read aloud Feature in Microsoft Outlook

There are two ways to use read aloud feature in Microsoft Outlook: in the email pane and in Immersive Reader mode. Let’s go over both methods.

How to Use Outlook Read Aloud Feature in the email panel

How to Read emails aloud in Microsoft Outlook Immersive Reading Mode

There is an alternative way to read your emails with Outlook, using the Immersive Reader tool. Immersive Reader takes extra formatting out of pages, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, immersive reading experience. Here it is how to use the.

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