How to Use FaceTime on Android Device – Guide

It is a free service on all compatible Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod touch. Anyone with these devices can call anyone else on a compatible device, as long as they have the phone number or email address linked to your Apple ID. While FaceTime is a video calling app, FaceTime Audio feature supports voice-only calls. This offers an alternative to phone calls if your plan offers limited minutes. You are not limited to one-on-one conversations; FaceTime group calls up to 32 participants are also supported. The reason FaceTime is so convenient is that it comes pre-installed on all iPhones and Macs. when you set up an iPhone, you need to sign in or register with an Apple ID, which means a video call with someone you know who has an iPhone is just a tap away. No need to mess with the configuration up new accounts or download another app. Unfortunately, there is no way for Android users to download the FaceTime app or initiate their own FaceTime calls. But with the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 12 Monterey, anyone can join a FaceTime call, even from an Android. phone.

Steps to Join a FaceTime Call on an Android Device

Before allowing an Android user to join the FaceTime call from their Android devices, the Apple user needs to ‘create a link’ and select how they would like to share the link – via mail, messages, Snapchat, etc.

List of Some FaceTime Alternatives for Android Devices

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is Google’s service for real-time text and video chat, linked to your Google ID. The platform supports multi-person conversations to up for 10 people. One advantage Hangouts has over FaceTime is data management. Voice calls to other Hangouts users are completely free.

Google Duo

For Android users, Google Duo is an easier alternative to the complicated Google Hangouts for Face Timing on Android devices. You can easily download Google Duo on Android from Google Play Store.


Skype is a Microsoft-owned video chat application that is often used for personal and business calls. This app can be a good alternative to FaceTime on Android devices. You can easily download and install Skype on Android from the Google Play Store.

Facebook Messenger

With over 1,300 million monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is a very convenient way to video chat. Many Android users are already using Facebook on their devices. Also, users can easily install Facebook Messenger on Android from Google Play Store.

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