How to Use ‘FML’ and What does it means – Guide

FML stands for “Fuck my life”. It’s an acronym you use when you’re under a lot of pressure or someone is very dissatisfied with you. It usually comes after a story about an unfortunate incident that shows how bad you feel about what happened. Depending on the situation, FML can be funny or really annoying. You can write the abbreviations in lowercase “FML” and uppercase “FML”. You often see them in chats, texts, and other informal forms of communication. For example, someone might text you saying, “I decided to go for a walk for the first time in a week and it started to rain. FML.” This abbreviation is similar to “TIHI” which means “Thank you, I hate this”, as both abbreviations refer to something that has let you down or hurt you. However, while TIHI usually refers to an external object, such as an image or situation you’ve just seen, FML refers to something that has happened in your own life.

How to Use ‘FML’ and what it means

FML stands for: F$*% my life

If you’re having a really terrible day, you might feel bad. It’s natural to feel that way. You don’t have to hide your feelings, especially when talking to your friends. If they ask how your day was, you can be honest. Describe how your day was and if you have a big problem with it, you can add FML in final. When you use this abbreviation for text message, you are admitting that something terrible has happened in your life and drawing attention to it. You are very unhappy and wish you had everything else. You are probably very angry too. It could be that something is unfair or that it was ruined by bad luck. In either case, there is something specific that is making you feel down, angry, and/or quite upset.

How to use ‘FML

The term FML is almost always used as a sentence by itself. It is not part of another sentence or an adjective that describes something. Instead, it is used to complain or express disappointment. Most often it is used in a text message. It is also sometimes used in speech (each letter is pronounced separately, as in eff emm elle), and is often accompanied by an eye roll. This is especially useful when you want to emphasize how difficult it is for everything in your life to function perfectly.

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