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NS Don’t interrupt (Don’t interrupt) It’s been around for a long time on iOS and other Apple operating systems. With it, you can choose a specific time of day to avoid receiving notifications and calls, for example. For that reason, I finished up use it mostly at bedtime. With the arrival of iOS / iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and (coming soon) macOS Monterey 12, Apple has expanded this feature and named it focus mode (focus mode) and expands its functions. It is now possible to use personal focus and focus on work, in addition to creating as many other activities as you want and for different specific activities, such as times for studying, walking, exercising or reading, for example. With this, you can decide who can contact you or which apps can send notifications, depending on which focus is currently active. See below for details of this feature and how to use it on your iPhone or iPad.

How to to define up predefined points

After updating your device to iOS / iPadOS 15, Do Not Disturb and Sleep (if used previously) will still be available for use. In addition, Apple introduces two new predefined hubs: Personal and Business. To set the focus, go to Settings »Focus, choose one of them and click “Next”. In the next steps, you’ll have to choose who can send notifications to you (or even allow someone else to do so), whether you want to allow calls from other people, your favorites or your contacts from your calendar. Finally, you must also decide which apps are allowed, meaning those you want to continue receiving notifications normally while in focus. When finished, click OK to save focus. Once configured, you can still make some additional adjustments. Among them, you can turn on Focus State, which allows apps like Messaging to show people trying to contact you the current focus state, hide app notification notifications, customize which screen pages will appear, as well as the ability to dim the locked screen or allow muted notifications to appear in that space. Also, you can add a schedule or automate so that the focus is automatically activated – based on your location, time or when you open a specific app, for example. You can also choose to use smart activation, which will activate you based on your location and usage of the app, for example. In addition to the personal and professional focus, you can make the same Do Not Disturb adjustments mentioned above that you configured earlier. Please share this article if you like it!

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