How to Use Google Assistant Routines From Home Screen – Guide

one of the great features of digital assistants is that you can instruct them to do things for you using your voice. For example, you can use Google Assistant to set a reminder, send a message, search for something on the Internet, control your smart home appliances and much more. “Routines” are perhaps the most powerful feature of Google Assistant, especially if you have smart devices on home. You can automate multiple tasks with a single command. To make using Routines even easier, you can add shortcuts to the home screen. Google offers several pre-made routines on Google Home app, but you can also create your own routines. Options range from automating your workday to improving your bedtime and adjusting your lighting depending on whether you’re home or on the move. A disadvantage of routines is that they must be started with a voice command. In most cases this is fine, but in some situations it is not ideal. The easiest way is to create a shortcut in home screen that will start the routine immediately with one touch.

How to add a routine google shortcut in your phonede home screen

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