The collaborative features of Google Docs set it different from its primary desktop rival, Microsoft Word. One of the earliest word processors to provide collaborative online document editing was Google Docs. Google has made it exceedingly simple to collaborate on documents in real time from a browser window and share them across platforms. Even without a Google account, your collaborators can see and modify the Google documents you share with them. We mentioned below are the ways to Use Google Docs.

Ways to Use Google Docs

Create a document

Edit and format

Download the Google Docs app

Get started

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Use Google Docs. Anyone who frequently works with documents will find Google Docs to be a wonderful tool. It’s a word processor that looks familiar, like Microsoft Word from the past. Because of its distinctive features and straightforward user interface, Docs has gained popularity. It’s a fantastic choice whether you use it on a desktop computer or one of the best modern budget Android phones.

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