How To Use Google Maps Music Controls – Guide

Want to listen to music while driving? On Android, you can manage your favorite music apps directly from Google Maps. Here’s how. Every car ride gets better with music. While navigating to your destination, Google Maps now lets you listen to your favorite music and podcasts from music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music and others right in the app. Google Maps lets you add music controls to the app so you don’t have to switch between different apps to control your music while browsing. With the music controls in Google Maps, you can enjoy your music and podcasts even more while walking, biking or driving to a destination. When the app’s playback controls are enabled, you have quick access to your music player. You can listen to your favorite music while keeping an eye on the traffic situation. Let’s take a look at How to use Google Maps music controls.

How to use Google Maps music controls

Enable media playback sync settings

You will need to enable playback controls manually in Google Maps. This one feature works with smartphones running at least Android versions 10.43.2 or higher. Here it is how to They do this: With the help of these settings, you can now play, pause or skip tracks. The Navigation button at the bottom of the page shows your recent playlist or album history. You can also open Spotify app directly by tapping Open Spotify button at the top of the page.

Use Google Assistant to Control Your Music App

The Google Assistant integration in the Maps app gives you a convenient way to interact with your music player hands-free. To play tracks directly on Spotify, follow the steps listed below:

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