How to use Google Password Checker to strengthen your password – Guide

Passwords aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. You depend on them. You use them to log in to all services and most apps. Hopefully you’re using them in conjunction with two-factor authentication (2FA), otherwise it’s only a matter of time before your account gets hacked. That said, chances are pretty good that some of the passwords you’re working with are not just weak, but have fallen victim to one or more security breaches. In that case, hackers can have your credentials. To resolve this issue, change your passwords and enable 2FA. Google has you covered. Using a tool called Password Checkup, Google’s AI digs through your numerous authentication credentials to tell you if your password is associated with a breach. If such a situation is discovered, change this password immediately. All you need is a Google account and passwords saved in Chrome. Google Password Checker runs its checks on all passwords stored in Chrome, if you’re an Android or Chrome user, that’s it. If you prefer a different browser, you can always import anything from Chrome to the default browser. Google has created the perfect tool to analyze your account passwords and increase your security.

How to use google password verification

Google will only inform you if it detects that your credentials have been compromised. It will not warn you if you have weak passwords or use the same password over and over again. If you need a tool to help you choose the right passwords, use Chrome’s built-in password feature.

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