How to use Hide My Email on Apple devices – Guide

If you love handing out fake email addresses to all the apps and online communities that ask for your contact information, Apple can make things a little easier for you. Well, as long as you’re using Sign in with Apple or paying for iCloud storage. When iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 hit devices last week, he expanded Hide My Email, a feature which lets you create numerous recorder accounts that forward to your iCloud inbox. This means that apps won’t have your personal address, but you’ll still see what they send and you can disable individual recorders at any time. To be clear, the ability to hide your email address has been part of Sign in with Apple since iOS 13, but the company has expanded its reach to the 15th version of its mobile operational system. O feature it’s still free if you use Sign in with Apple, but you can create recorders for more apps and services if you pay for iCloud Plus (even the lowest level of 50GB for $1 a month).

How to use Hide My Email for full effect

You can use Hide My Email in two ways. The most practical is when you are actually subscribing up for something. If your iPhone or iPad recognizes that something wants your email address, you’ll see Hide my email as an option. Tap on it and you will get a randomly generated name. If you hate it, hit update button to get another one; if you’re okay with that, select Continue. From there, you can add a Note so Future you can remember what the recorder’s account was linked to. Finally, select Use to lock. To manage your growing list of addresses, open the Settings app, find your name at the top of the screen, go to iCloud and choose Hide my email. From there, you can select existing recorders and add notes to them or deactivate them to no longer receive forwarded messages. You can reactivate them from the Inactive Addresses option on the same screen. There is also an option to create burner accounts on the main settings page Hide my email, but you may find this less useful – you will have to remember the fake accounts you set up up or return to this page to copy them for later use. We think it’s easier to generate them instantly. By default, these accounts forward to your iCloud address, but there is a Forward To option that lets you choose from a list of other inbox options.

How to use Hide My Email for free

If you don’t have a paid iCloud account, but have an Apple ID and at least iOS 13, you can still use the Hide my email function with Sign in with Apple. If you open an app that allows you to use this feature to login, you will see two options: Share My email and hide my email. Choose the second one and click Continue.

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