How to use high power mode on Mac – Guide

Your MacBook Pro has several power modes that you can switch between. By default, your Mac is set to automatic mode to balance power usage and performance. Low power mode minimizes power usage to prolong battery life. On the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max, High Power Mode allows the fans to run at higher speeds. The additional cooling capacity can allow the system to deliver higher performance under very intensive workloads. You can use High Power mode to improve performance in graphics-intensive workflows such as 8K ProRes 4444 color grading and 8K DNxHR video. In video editing and 3D applications, you can experience smooth playback and fast export when high power mode is on. When high power mode is on, the fan may run at a higher speed and you may hear an additional sound from the fan. High Power Mode can be used regardless of whether or not your Mac is connected to power.

A Brief Introduction to macOS High Power Mode

Are you familiar with the low power mode on iPhone (and iPad and Mac), which temporarily disables some features to save battery. But did you know about high power mode, the polar opposite of low power mode? Reading: How to use low power mode on your Mac. Typically, when you perform a resource-intensive task on your computer, such as exporting a video project or manipulating complex scenes in 3D software, the fans go into overdrive trying to keep the CPU overloaded. Because Apple’s custom Mac chips are much more energy efficient than Intel’s, Apple’s silicon computers can run at higher speeds and for longer than their Intel-based counterparts without ever turning the fans. To help you squeeze every last bit of power out of your Mac’s Apple CPU, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro offers a new feature, dubbed High Power Mode. When you put your Mac into high power mode, the operating system will maximize performance during very intense workloads by allowing the fans to run at higher speeds to keep the CPU cool. It’s this additional cooling capacity, says a support document on Apple’s website, that “may allow the system to deliver higher performance under very intensive workloads.” And that’s pretty much all there is to know about how high power mode works on macOS.

How to enable high power mode on your Mac

On your 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021 model), open battery preferences and turn power mode on or off separately in the “Battery” and “Power Adapter” sections.

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