Since the two parties finalized the agreements, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has been in a state of chaos. Thousands of new users have joined platforms like Mastodon as users leave the microblogging app. People are discovering that simplicity is preferable as more apps emerge as the next major social media platform. Kassandra Pop built Hive Social after work and while learning to code because she was inspired by the concept of an app that supports micro-influencers and a non-algorithm user experience. We mentioned below are the ways to use Hive Social Media App.

Ways to use Hive Social Media App

Set up a Hive Social account

Customize the color of your profile

Add music to your profile

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to use Hive Social Media App. It resembles a hybrid of Twitter, Instagram, and MySpace. It offers the simplicity of Twitter before it went bust, emphasizes photographs a little more than Instagram does, and lets you add music to your profile. It’s intriguing and probably a little less complicated to use than Mastodon. Here’s how to start using Hive Social if that sounds intriguing to you. Please be aware that Hive Social is only presently offered as an iOS and Android app. Neither a desktop application nor a website are now available, although they may be in the future.

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