How to Use iPhone Switch Con­trol – Guide

an accessibility feature on iOS 14, switch control helps people with limited portability to utilize all of their device’s space with the help of capacity switches and other adaptive devices. When Apple makes the iPhone more affordable, it helps make it the best iPhone it can be, and the switch control is very tough. feature. Items on the screen are highlighted consecutively and can be activated by tapping, adjusting your face in front of the selfie camera, or pressing adaptive switches. You can also use point sweep and gestures such as pinch to zoom. Also, you can still use a lot of switches. Here it is how to use the switch control on iPhone and iPad.

How to Activate the switch control on iPhone and iPad

How to Add a new switch

Switch Control lets you add various types of switches that you can use to control your device. Be sure to assign a switch to the Select Item action so that Switch Control can function correctly.

How to Remove a switch from the switch control

If you no longer want to use a particular switch, you can easily delete it from Switch Control.

Final note

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