How to Use LinkedIn’s Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word – Guide

Some time ago we reported that Microsoft had added a new feature called LinkedIn Resume Assistant for Microsoft Word. This is one of the first ways the software giant has shown how it plans to integrate LinkedIn into its core services. as not everyone knows how to use this feature, we decided to explain how it works. First of all, you need to make sure you are using the latest version of Microsoft Word. Also, you will need a LinkedIn account, as without one, what we are going to talk about here will not work. As far as we know, the program only works for those who have signed up for Microsoft Office 365, so keep that in mind. It should be noted that LinkedIn Resume Assistant also works with Microsoft Office Online. This requires a sufficiently powerful web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Resumes are still a valuable tool when applying for a new job. Your resume gives you the opportunity to highlight your skills and knowledge so that others recognize you as the perfect person for the new job.

How to Use LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word

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