How to Use Live Caption in Chrome Browser – Guide

During Google I/O 2019, Google debuted “Live Caption”. Without the need for an extension, Live Caption is now accessible for Chrome. On Chrome and Chromebooks, this article shows how to enable live caption. Subtitles, which were initially only released for Android, feature automatically produces subtitles for all media played on the phone. You can, for example, listen to a podcast like phone displays the text on the screen in real time.

How to Enable Live Caption in Google Chrome

Live Caption is an accessibility feature in Chrome’s Settings. To enable live captions: This enables live subtitles in Chrome. Now play a video and you should see the subtitles. You can drag the box where the caption appears and place it anywhere on the screen.

activate the flag

If you don’t already have Live Captions in your Chrome browser, make sure the following flag is turned on. To enable this flag:

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